Abbie Clarke – What can you do around the home with minimal cost to be energy efficient?

Hi, I’m Abbie Clarke, otherwise known as MrsEnergySaving, and I’m sure you’ve heard all the news about the recent increases in energy prices. Many of you are feeling the pinch and having to make difficult decisions to keep your family warm this winter.

I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some tips that you can do around the home to be energy efficient;

1. Be a good friend to your heating

Sure it’s winter and you can expect it to be cold, but that doesn’t mean you should turn the thermostat up. Turning it down by 1°C can save you in the region of £60 per year. It is these kinds of savings that ultimately make a difference. Wearing an extra layer, closing the curtains and having an extra blanket handy at night are other ways to make sure that you are kept warm.



2. Be aware of appliance usage

It took me ‘having a word’ with members of the Clarke household on a few occasions for them to realise how much energy they were wasting;

  • Turn off appliances at the mains when they are not being used
  • Do not fill up the kettle more than is needed
  • Do not leave the television on standby.

The list goes on and on. Take a moment to see what appliances are being used in your household, and you will see the positive changes that can be made.



3. Be on the lookout for draughts

This is often such an easy measure to implement that it’s a wonder why more people don’t do it. If there is a draught, this not only means that cold air is getting into your house, but that warm air is escaping too. Savings of approximately £55 per year can be made via this simple measure. Places to ‘feel’ for draughts include the windows, doors and letterbox.



4. Be effective washing clothes

There are some nifty things I have learnt to stop wasting energy when washing my family’s clothes. One option is to wash at 30°C rather than using a higher setting of 40°C. Choosing a lower temperature can use around 40% less energy, Also, make sure that you do a wash when there is a full load and that the washer is switched off at the wall when not in use.

washing machine


Implementing these energy saving tips around the home will cost you little to no money – but keep you warm during the winter months and educate you on living in an eco-friendly environment.

Abbie Clarke is a writer interested in living a greener lifestyle and helping her family to make a difference one day at a time. She writes for Find Energy Savings and hopes to provide you with more energy efficiency tips in the future!