Earth Day 2013 – Don’t be mean, get clean and make the Earth green

Even though we don’t mean to do it, we are all guilty of being carbon criminals. From leaving mobile phones on charge, to forgetting to switch off hair straighteners. These crimes against the planet create a huge dent in your carbon footprint.

Earth Day, which takes place on the 22nd April, was founded 43 years ago to help reduce the world’s global carbon footprint by urging governments to take action in caring for our environment. More than one billion people take part in Earth Day to protect and acknowledge the amazing planet we call home.

The Earth Day campaign has seen over one billion ‘acts of green’ since it began. Activities include everything from washing laundry in cold water and riding a bike instead of driving, to planting a garden and volunteering with a community clean-up.

A few highlights of ‘green actions’ that have been created thanks to Earth Day include; 900,000 students in Iraq learning about conservation, 46,064 pounds of rubbish being picked up on beaches across Europe and the UK Youth Climate Coalition working with 650 young people in the ‘Adopt an MP’ scheme to achieve climate change legislation.

This is where you can make a difference – whether you switch off lights in rooms that are not being used, fill the kettle for only the water you need, take a shower instead of a bath or insulate your loft, carrying out these simple measures will help make a difference to your carbon footprint.

To register an event, join a local campaign or make a pledge visit the Earth Day Website.

You can also measure your carbon footprint and see what impact you’re having on the environment by completing the online quiz.

Do your bit on Earth Day and beyond. Together, these actions add up to something big.