Energy Saving Week 2013

It’s that time again, Energy Saving Week starts this week (21st – 25th October). with help from the Energy Saving Trust, are on hand to offer energy saving tips to homeowners.

All this week, we will be publishing advice and information to help save on energy bills. Visit @thinkinsulation Twitter account and even take part in our fun energy wordsearch!

We have compiled a list of top ten tips to achieve this week in order to reduce on energy bills:

1. Turn it off

You can save between £50 – £90 a year by ensuring your appliances are off and not left on standby. If you’re not sat in a room, switch off the lights.

2. Shop around

Visit a number of DIY retailers and look for the best offers on energy saving solutions such as insulation and water tank jackets.

3. Lighten up

Switching to energy saving lightbulbs in your home can save around £30 a year.

4. Get a head

Fit a water-efficient shower head in your bathroom. This could reduce your hot water usage whilst still maintaining the sensation of a hot powerful shower.

5. Careful in the kitchen

You can save over £55 a year by setting your washing machine at 30°C, filling up the kettle with only the amount of water that you need and using a bowl to wash up rather than leaving the tap running.

6. Draught proofing

DIY draught proofing your windows, doors, floors and skirting boards could save you around £55 a year.

7. Switch your energy supplier

Visit and compare the latest energy prices and switch to a cheaper energy plan easily.

8. Wrap up

Think before turning up your thermostat. Have you wrapped up in thick jumpers and socks?

9. Insulation

Insulating your loft to the recommended depth of 270mm could save upto £180 a year on heating bills. Plus, cavity wall insulation could save upto £140 a year and helps reduce the energy you need to heat up your house.

10. Save your water

Invest in a water butt and use the collected water on your garden or cleaning your car.


Join us in supporting Energy Saving Week and make a big difference. With hints, tips and advice, energy efficiency has never been simpler.


*Statistics from the Energy Saving Trust 2013