With Summer in bloom, MOT your garden

gardenWe have experienced a heatwave in the UK over the past couple of weeks. The green-fingered army are out in force to mow, water and preen their lawns this summer.

Implementing a few changes to your roof terrace, backyard or good sized lawn can help you save energy and the planet.

Thinkinsulation has come up with some top gardening tips to help you out;

Be cool

For the best results, water your plants during the evening as less water will evaporate.

Let it go brown

Longer grass retains moisture better, so don’t set your mower too low or mow too often. Watch to see how quickly a brown lawn recovers after rain – your lawn may not need as much watering as you think!

Don’t hang around

Go easy on hanging baskets and small pots in summer; large containers are easier to keep watered and, plant for plant, use less water. Mix moisture-retaining crystals with your compost to reduce evaporation. *

Grown your own fruit and veg

Growing your own fruit and vegetables means you won’t have to visit the shops to load up on your five a day, which decreases the number of lorries, planes and trains transporting produce. To grow your own fruit and veg, all you need is a spade, fork or trowel and a good pair of gardening gloves. Plus vegetables have their highest nutrient content right after being picked too!

Ditch the petrol mower

Fumes emitted from petrol lawnmowers are damaging to the environment. Where possible, it is best to use a push mower. Alternatively an electric mower will make lighter work of larger lawns, plus it is quieter and more environmentally friendly than a petrol version.