Caring For Our World

Should I care?

The impact of climate change is growing and the future effects are potentially devastating.

We have all seen the recent extremes in weather conditions, and this is only the start. With the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, we will inevitably experience more significant changes, including:

Drought and Flooding

This will affect people’s health and lifestyle and cause the irreversible loss of many species of plants and animals.

Higher Temperatures

Out of the 10 hottest summers in the past 100 years, half have occurred in the last 10 years. There are plenty of visible signs. For instance, for the first time since records began, the Northwest Passage through the arctic is now navigable due to shrinking ice floes.

Rising Sea Levels

This is caused by the polar ice caps and mountain glaciers melting. It will jeopardise the existence of some island states and displace millions of people in low lying areas. In the UK, rising seas will threaten coastal communities.

The devastating floods, droughts and storms we are increasingly experiencing in the UK and around the world, show how vulnerable we are to changes in our weather patterns. We have to take action NOW to tackle climate change. We can do this by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that cause it.