Caring For Our World

What can we do to stop it?

Unfortunately, we cannot stop climate change in the short term, but we can immediately contribute to the solution. The concentration of greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere means that further climate change is inevitable. These will take years to be absorbed by our forests and oceans, but there are other things we can do as a nation that will have a positive effect on slowing down climate change.

There is no one solution, but instead a variety of measures:

  1. Improve ‘Energy Efficiency’ – Insulation, condensing boilers, cars with smaller engines
  2. Switch to ‘Renewable Energy’ sources – Wind, tide, solar, geothermal
  3. Increase the efficiency of ‘Fossil Fuel’ power stations
  4. Switch to ‘Nuclear’ power stations

Some solutions, like switching to nuclear power stations, are highly controversial and there is still a lot of debate surrounding this. However, the biggest impact we can make as individuals is by changing our lifestyles and improving the energy efficiency of our homes.