Think Insulation

What is thinkinsulation?

Thinkinsulation is an initiative jointly supported by the Energy Saving Trust and Knauf Insulation. The aim of thinkinsulation is to increase public awareness of the benefits of insulation and how it contributes to solving global warming and climate change. thinkinsulation can also arrange free no obligation surveys and quotes for subsidised cavity wall and loft insulation via power/energy utility companies, using certified installers and high quality, warranted insulation products.

How can insulating my house help solve Global Warming and Climate Change?

Well insulated houses use less energy to keep them warm. This means that less carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is released into the atmosphere from burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) in our power stations and central heating boilers. Global warming is occurring because large volumes of greenhouse gases – including carbon dioxide – are accumulating in the Earth’s atmosphere. This causes the planet’s average air and ocean temperatures to increase and sea levels to rise, resulting in increasingly severe weather conditions. This effect is called climate change and it’s already happening. By improving the insulation of your home, you will be playing your part in reducing the effect of global warming.

What benefit will insulating my house give me and my family?

Insulation has many benefits:

  1. Your home will be warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and more energy efficient.
  2. You should make savings on your heating bills.
  3. Your heating system will emit less carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that causes Global Warming.
  4. Glasswool insulation will also reduce outside noise and increase resistance to fire.
  5. Glasswool insulation is made using recycled glass bottles and is a sustainable product which is light on the earth’s resources. It was awarded an A+ rating in theĀ BRE’s Green Guide. Requiring no maintenance, glasswool will last indefinitely and can even be recycled and reused again if removed from a building.

I make sure my energy comes from ‘Green’ sources, like wind and solar panels – surely I don’t need to insulate my home to help the environment?

Well done for using energy from green sources. Renewable energy sources, like wind power, produce electricity and solar panels are part of the solution if we are to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and tackle climate change. Although solar panels are good for providing hot water, they do not produce water that is hot enough for central heating. Most homes are heated by gas or oil, and when it’s burnt in your boiler it emits carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. By improving the insulation of your home, you will be reducing your energy consumption and therefore playing a greater part in reducing the effect of global warming.