Green Regulations

Government Incentive Schemes

Warm Front

This UK Government scheme offers funding to households to help improve heating and insulation. If you get a certain income-related benefits, and are living in a poorly insulated house, or have no central heating, you may be able to get a Government Warm Front Grant of up to £3,500 (or up to £6,000 where oil central heating or alternative technologies are recommended). To be eligible you must own your home or rent it from a private landlord.

Grant levels vary so visit for more information on the eligibility criteria.

Warm Front Grants are available in England only. In Northern Ireland the scheme is known as Warm Homes (, in Scotland it is the Energy Assistance Package ( and in Wales it is Nest (

The Green Deal

The Green Deal, which launched in January 2013, is the Government’s initiative to support the implementation of energy efficiency measures to households and businesses without needing to pay for work upfront.

Find out more about the Green Deal.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a £850m, incentive driven, green heating scheme which aims to reduce the amount of energy used to heat UK households. Announced on 20 October 2010 as part of the Government’s Spending Review the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is still due to be introduced in 2011 and will help families reduce their bills by incentivising renewable heat measures, from household solar thermal panels to industrial wood pellet boilers, shifting renewable heat from a fringe industry firmly into the mainstream.

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