1. – the UK’s leading insulation manufacturer
  2. – the Knauf Insulation global website
  3. – the National Insulation Association
  4. – Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency. They guarantee the installation of cavity wall insulation
  5. – the European Insulation Manufacturers Association
  6. – MIMA, the UK Mineral Wool Insulation Manufacturers Association

Energy Efficiency

  1. – the Energy Saving Trust, the Government agency set up as a direct response to the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992. It works to address the damaging effects of climate change
  2. – The energy related section of EUROPA – The Gateway to the European Union
  3. – Act on CO2 – See how you can save money by wasting less energy
  4. – National Energy Action – develops and promotes energy efficiency services to tackle the heating and insulation problems of low-income households
  5. – The Department of Energy and Climate Change interactive maps showing geographic information on loft and cavity wall insulation, fuel poverty, photovoltaic installations and energy consumption around the UK.
  6. – Energy Efficiency and Home Insulation Guide
  7. – Environmentally friendly home lighting information


  1. – Warm Front grants in England
  2. – Energy Assistance Package which helps to maximise incomes, reduce fuel bills and improve the energy efficiency of homes
  3. – Warm Homes grant (Northern Ireland) – Scheme now ended – replacement coming soon
  4. – The Welsh Government’s fuel poverty scheme
  5. – Find energy grants and ways to improve your energy efficiency

Climate Change

  1. The Kyoto Protocol – from the Climate Change Projects Office of DEFRA (CCPO)
  2. – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
  3. – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  4. – ClimateArk – Climate Change Portal
  5.– Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research
  6. – Friends of the Earth Climate Change section
  7.– the BBC’s Climate Change website
  8. – news, publications and advice on climate change
  9. Green Building Press– Information and publications to help you create healthy and ecological homes and buildings


  1. – more on recycling and waste