Saving Energy

Energy Efficiency?

We all use energy in our day-to-day lives, whether it’s to heat our homes, wash our clothes, power our appliances or fuel our cars.

This means that we are collectively responsible for the carbon emissions we produce and the impact our energy use is having on our environment.

Our homes account for around 40 per cent of our carbon footprint, so finding ways to reduce the amount of energy we use and ensure the energy we do use is not wasted, is crucial to cutting down carbon emissions.

The most effective way of improving a home’s energy efficiency is to install insulation. In fact, if every home in the UK had the recommended level of wall and Loft Insulation , CO2 emissions would be cut by an impressive 10.8 million tonnes. Insulating a home is also a very cost-effective energy saving measure – insulating the loft alone could save the typical home up to £1751 per year on energy bills.

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