Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Installation

Unlike loft insulation which can be installed yourself, cavity wall insulation needs to be carried out by trained technicians.

The first step is to arrange a survey and a no obligation quote here. The survey is carried out by a trained surveyor who will check that your home is suitable for Cavity Wall Insulation (e.g. that your walls have a cavity and that it has not already been insulated). They will also take you through what subsidies are available (you may even be able to get it for FREE) and if you decide to go ahead they will arrange a suitable date for the installation to be carried out.

The installation team are professionally trained and installation is fast and simple.

Here’s an overview of the different steps:

  1. On-site Quality Control Check

    The team starts by filling a test box to ensure that the insulation is installed at the correct density.

  2. Drilling the holes

    Next, the team drills a series of small holes, approximately 22mm (just under 1 inch), in the mortar between bricks at regular intervals (approximately 1.35m centres) around the outside of your house.

  3. Blowing the insulant

    The team will then blow glasswool insulation through the holes until the cavity is completely filled.

  4. Making good

    Once the cavity has been filled, the team will then carefully make good the drill holes with matching mortar and carry out post-installation checks on both the inside and outside of the property.

  5. Sign-off

    You will be asked to complete and sign a form to say you are happy with the work. Arrangements will then be made to issue you with your 25 year CIGA guarantee.

For an average sized semi-detached house, the whole process should typically take less than three hours.