Upgrading your home

Solid Wall Insulation

Buildings account for 40% of our energy consumption and in houses the majority of this energy is lost through the walls.

Therefore insulation is one of the most cost effective improvements that can be made and there are various insulation options depending on how the home is constructed. In general, the walls in the home can be categorised into two distinct types. Most homes built after the 1920s are constructed with cavity walls. Older style homes are constructed with solid brick walls.

Around a third of the heat is lost in an un-insulated house with cavity walls, which account for a large majority of recently built homes. Occupants can make savings up to £135 per year* and see a return on investment within a couple of years by installing cavity wall insulation.

However, solid walls can lose even more heat than cavity walls. Typically the total heat loss from an un-insulated house with solid external walls account for 45%. Insulating solid walls can be more expensive than cavity wall insulation. However, higher savings can be achieved through internal or external insulation for solid walls saving the occupant around £445 a year*.

Find out how to tell if you have solid walls or cavity walls

Download the Knauf Insulation brochure “A Simple Solution to a Difficult Problem – Solid Wall Insulation” here


*Source: www.energysavingtrust.org.uk (October 2011)