Upgrading your home


Because of the increasing importance placed on home energy efficiency and the major role insulation plays in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, various subsidies are available from the Government, energy suppliers and local authorities.

UK Government

The UK Government funds a number of schemes which provide subsidies of up to a maximum value of £2,700 (or £4,000 if oil central heating is involved), to improve household heating and energy efficiency. These depend on a number of different criteria. In England the scheme is known as Warm Front, in Northern Ireland – Warm Homes, Scotland – Warm Deal and the Central Heating Programme and in Wales – the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme. The eligibility criteria for the schemes differ between countries – with some schemes you need to be receiving certain benefits, whilst others are available to anyone over a certain age.

For details of the different schemes in your country please click on the relevant link:

Warm Front grant (England)

Warm Homes grant (Northern Ireland)

Energy Assistance Package (Scotland)

Nest (Wales)

Energy Suppliers

Larger energy suppliers provide a range of subsidies for improving home energy efficiency under the terms of the Government’s Energy Efficiency Commitment. These vary between suppliers, but you should be aware that you can apply for a subsidy from any of the energy supplier regardless of whether they supply your home’s energy or not.

Local Authorities

Most Local Authorities provide grants and offers for local residents to install certain energy efficiency measures in their home. Check with your local council.